Friday, 10 April 2009


it had been quite a while since i blogged....i always think of writing down my experiences...but tend to get lazy...but not now..y? read it, u will find the reason...

onsite onsite onsite...
excites almost every damn soul in the IT services industry..what is special about it?? why are "youngsters" and "non-onsiters" excited?? is it worth the excitement?? its u who are supposed to answer....

welcome to the world of onsite...where u forgo ur personal life (if u had one), u become a dedicated worker ('cos u got no other option), and u r the most wanted by the onsite person (he/she couldnt find a better idiot than u).

is it really like what mentioned? well first i would classify the employees into 2 types (as per my understanding, which i believe is correct to a large extent)

the type 1 is a person who freaked out during his academic life...had a great time hanging out with friends than concentrating on the classes. Mind it, that doesn't mean he/she was a crap at studies. study as much is required not the extra stuff. moreover, these people carry on this trend even in their career. not that they act like outlaws, but they will be more blending and involving in the places they work at. i classify myself to this category.

the type 2 on the other hand may or may not have been a book worm...but he/she definitely didnt mingle much with the college crowd, nor did he/she would have freaked out. that persons identity would have been much lost with the larger part of the college crowd due to themselves abstaining from the college activities (could be official college activities like fests, or un-official activities like "kiriks":-) ) and these people tend to carry on this behaviour to the work place as well. chances are good that if a person changes his behaviour here, he jumps over to the type 1 mentioned above. but it takes a lot of effort from his/her peers for that person to achieve this jump.

so now we have the 2 categories defined. of these 2 categories, my observations show that, the type 2 will enjoy onsite as compared with the type 1.
my justifications:
since the person has already abstained himself from getting involved with other people around and though has a personal life, there is not much of venture from the outside world other than the family. so these category people tend to enjoy onsite, as they lose or gain very less with respect to relationship. and their modes of enjoyment...
visit places in the country they are in, take multiple photos of a beautiful place, hype it up with captions, celebrate birthdays within the confinement of a room and end up in a restaurant or other joints outside. visit a market and be awestruck abt it and acts of similar kind. i will leave it to ur imagination based on the numerous fotos u ppl would have seen.

the type 1 people on the other hand will prefer onsite if they are first timers. but once they go there they realize the blues of that place. if they manage to get hold of a person with whom the frequency matches, they should classify themselves lucky. else welcome to the world of boredom! this is the time when you go to all sorts of flashbacks right from college days and missing all the long lost friends whom u wished were around u. and also the loads of hangouts that were there at ur disposal when u were in India. suddenly this category people get enlightened and prefer to end their long term onsite at the earliest, provided that they are not in dire financial needs. and if the project is based on actual bills, then ur fcuked!

right now, i am sitting in a well furnished serviced apartment in kuala lumpur, getting paid on actual bills, and i got no good company around, and i am listening to some "college type" songs. adding to this, the following train of thoughts flow...
there i was, going to office at around 10am working till around 6.30pm,
here i am ready to work till from 9am to ~9pm,
there i was, not ready to give my weekend to work,
here i am ready to go to work on a weekend,
there i was, when i never discussed or thought abt work after work hours,
here i am thinking of what and why about work!
its all so shitty!! its all so unlike me! i welcome myself to the world of onsite, and ask u to be prepared for the "joy ride"! :)

well i wanted to make one point here....onsite can get definitely very boring if u r the extrovert type and u cannot hang on to some good company. u may enjoy it, but it can never be like being back home with all u had.

reminds me of a short movie "OnSite Ek Jalak!" made by my friend "G". here are the links, u might want to watch them.

Part 1

Part 2

final thought....its so unlike the name i call myself "wanderlust"


Neha said...

Good one, especially the videos..

Nebula said...

I like the comparison drawn about the "freak varieties"! :)